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Respimat Soft Mist Inhaler of Boehringer Ingelheim MicroParts

Plan Optik AG and Boehringer Ingelheim microParts GmbH are expanding their co-operation. The background is the extension of the pharmaceutical company's "Modul 2" atomizer factory in Dortmund, which has doubled the capacity for the production of the "Respimat" inhaler. For the production of the technical core component of the Respimat, the so-called "uniblock", Plan Optik AG is the exclusive supplier of a special wafer of borosilicate glass whose surface quality and thickness tolerance meet the highest requirements. The innovative atomizer markedly increases the deposit of the medication in the patient's lungs: up to three times as much of the active substance reaches the lungs as with previous dosage aerosols.

The use of the glass wafer brings a number of advantages in the production process.

  • The nozzle of the uniblock can be optically inspected after bonding,
  • The excellent atomic bonding of the structured silicon wafer with the glass wafer permits constant high pressures up to 200 bar (testing pressure 320 bar),
  • The high degree of homogeneity and stability of the bonded wafer pair leads to a low breakout rate in the isolation process and
  • The low thickness tolerance of the glass wafer ensures constant space measurements within the nozzle.

full report (pdf 328 KB)