Fluidic components

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Fluidic components

Plan Optik supplies fluidic components made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials. These components are used as micro reactors in the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology as well as in the form of fluidic chips in the field of diagnostics, medical applications and implantology.

As materials glass, quartz and glass-silicon combinations are ideal for these applications, since they are materials which can resist difficult environmental conditions such as, for example, high temperatures and chemicals. They nonetheless demonstrate a high degree of bio-compatibility. These characteristics distinguish the materials markedly from the polymer substances standardly used in these fields of application.

For many years the Little Things Factory GmbH (LTF) in Ilmenau (Thuringia, Germany) - a 100% subsidiary of Plan Optik AG - has successfully focused on the manufacture of so-called high-throughput micro reactors. The latter can be compared to chemical laboratories in miniature.
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For the creation of fluidic components and bio-chips Plan Optik AG uses a wide range of structuring processes which have been employed for many years in the field of MEMS cap wafers, including, for example, micro-sandblasting and wet-chemical structuring of glass and quartz. The manufacture of these fluidics chips can be carried out inexpensively based on 6" or 8" wafers.

Plan Optik also supplies these fluidics wafers to customized specifications.