Carrier wafers

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Carrier wafers

Plan Optik produces carrier wafers as a carrier substrate for the processing of thin semiconductor wafers. These carriers are used to permit the safe handling of delicate semiconductor wafers (e.g. those made of silicon and gallium arsenide). Semiconductor wafers are becoming ever thinner, and at the same time the requirements as regards their thickness tolerance and surface quality for back thinning, sawing and numerous other processes continue to rise. For this reason high-precision carrier wafers (carriers) are a fundamental requirement when it comes to processing. Plan Optik manufactures these carriers using a special glass which provides the perfect substrate material in this respect, because it demonstrates excellent thermal and chemical stability. An additional advantage is the possibility of re-using such carriers - thus making an important contribution not only to the reduction of costs but also to environmental protection.

Typically, Plan Optik carriers are finely ground or polished on both sides. The very latest processing technology developed primarily by Plan Optik is employed in this process. A thickness tolerance of 5 µm and a parallelism (ttv) from 2 µm results in high-precision semiconductor wafers. The carriers are packaged under clean-room conditions and can thus be used immediately in the manufacturing process.

The use of different types of glass permits an adaptation to the thermal expansion of the carrier to the semiconductor wafer to be processed. This reduces or even eliminates the thermal stress in cases when the processing takes place at high temperatures.

Glass carriers are available with diameters of up to 300 mm - the minimum thickness is 100 µm.

Plan Optik supplies carrier wafers in accordance with customer specification either with or without structuring of the surfaces, depending on the (temporary) bonding and removal process the customer intends to use.