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Thin wafers from glass and quartz

Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass and quartz wafers, now offers extremely thin wafers from glass and quartz.

Standard wafer thicknesses for silicon wafers are ranging from 500 to 725 microns. Glass and quartz wafers are following these standard thicknesses and are used as substrates or for MEMS encapsulation since about 2 decades. Miniaturization in MEMS and semiconductors demand for thin wafers more and more.

Brittle materials such as glass and quartz are not easy to process - in particular when they are getting very thin. Plan Optik AG has now expanded its capabilities by developing sophisticated processes for thin wafer production by combining decades of experience in glass and quartz processing and optimizing latest processing technology from semiconductor and optical industry.

Glass and quartz wafers now can be offered as thin as 100 microns. These wafers are available from a variety of raw materials such as fused silica, semiconductor grade quartz, borosilicate and even alkaline free glass. These Wafers are available from 25 to 300 mm in diameter or even in square shapes.

In respect to the customers' needs, these wafers can additionally be patterned by making through and blind holes, cavities, trenches or with conductive vias.

Please ask for a customized solution fitting to your process and product requirements.

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