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Quartz Wafers with extremely low roughness

Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of structured Wafers is processing glass, quartz and similar materials since more than 40 years. This experience driven by the philosophy of permanently optimizing it’s processes in order to create the highest possible value for it’s customers leads to unbelievable results.

From now on Plan Optik offers sub nanometer roughness on polished Quartz wafers. These Wafers do have a guaranteed average roughness of less than 0.5 nm whilst in practice the average roughness is well below this value (at about 0.25 nm). Comparing this value to the average diameter of an atom (0.1 nm) shows that the surfaces generated by Plan Optik’s unique and self-developed polishing processes are incredible smooth.

Plan Optik offers two types of quartz materials:

1) the standard version has a very low hydroxyl content (< 30 ppm) which makes it the perfect substrate for high temperature processes (the Wafers withstand a temperature of up to 1100 degC).

2) the fused silica option offers the utmost high purity level. This leads to an optimized UV transmittance. Both material types are suitable for CMOS environment and all Wafers are clean room packed at a low particle level.

Customized or off the shelf?

Reacting to the increasing demand on it’s high end Quartz Wafers, Plan Optik can supply almost every customer with above Wafers off-the-shelf in respond to it’s needs - simple and fast. All Wafers are cleanroom packed and available from a minimum quantity of 10 pieces.

Besides above Wafers which are available off the shelf, Plan Optik produces customized Wafers according to customer‘s specification (different material properties, thicknesses, diameters, flats, notches, etc.).

In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs quality management systems certified as per ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.