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Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass wafers, has expanded its production on glass and silicon carriers for Thin Wafer Handling of semiconductor wafers.

Semiconductor wafers undergo a wide range of process steps. TSV wafers for 3D wafer level packaging require very thin semiconductor substrates. Due to progressing thickness reduction of the wafers, handling in standard semiconductor processes requires carrier substrates supporting them.

Various Thin Wafer Handling sytems are already established in the semiconductor market. Plan Optik offers carriers for all types of Thin Wafer Handling such as from 3M, T-Mat, Brewer Science, EVG, Suss, TOK and others.

Plan Optik AG is focusing on the production of high end carriers from glass and silicon which meet these requirements excellently. High temperature and chemical resistance, incredibly low tolerances (down to 1 micron thickness variation), thermal expansion adjusted to the used semiconductor material are just a few examples for this. Different carrier types such as for silicon and gallium arsenite wafer handling are available.

A perfect surface quality created by Plan Optik's well established double side polishing and unique laser marking including QR codes for easy backtracing make them suitable for a huge number of re-use cycles - up to 20 times! Glass carriers could be strengthened to make them virtually unbreakable. Alkaline free glass is available as well.

Blank carriers for fast laser release, perforated carriers for chemical release and carriers with recessed pockets are available for various support systems such as laser debonding, chemical and thermal debonding.

Standard glass carriers are offered for 2" to 300 mm wafer handling. Most common types are available from stock - clean room packed and ready for use.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs quality management systems certified to ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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