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Plan Optik AG expands its production of QUARTZ WAFERS significantly

Plan Optik AG is expanding its product range in the rapidly growing segment of quartz wafers significantly. In addition to a comprehensive range of standardized processes for wafers in sizes up to 300 mm diameter, customers can order individually configured quartz wafers for special requirements. Plan Optik is responding to the increasing demand of a growing number of users for high-purity quartz wafers.

This step is accompanied by the strong expansion of the vertical range of manufacture in the quartz-wafer segment. This permits Plan Optik, from cutting of the raw material to map the entire production chain of silicon dioxide from ingots to finished wafers and thus to achieve a high added value.

Wafers by Plan Optik AG are increasingly used in production processes, for example encapsulation for micro-mechanical elements or as carrier wafers. First applications made use primarily of glass wafers or bonded glass-silicon wafers. With the increasing diversification of the applications, however, it has transpired that the demands that are increasingly being made of the wafers can best be met by quartz as a material. These include in particular, high-temperature substrates, substrates for RF applications, lithography substrates, coating substrates and carriers for semiconductor processes.

Quartz wafers by Plan Optik AG are alkali-free and are used as high-purity substrates, practically not contaminated by foreign materials. Typical industrial applications are in the development of RF modules in micro-fluidic systems in the medical field as well as in the field of production of telecommunication applications. Quartz wafer by Plan Optik AG are high temperature resistant and virtually free of fluorescence.

Plan Optik quartz wafers are made of amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon dioxide of extremely high purity. It is characterized by a very good transmission in the ultraviolet region to visible light and near infrared . The thermal expansion is very low. Wafers of this material are free of air inclusions and have a very high accuracy, for example, with regard to thickness tolerance and parallelism. The degree of chemical contamination is at a very low level.

Plan Optik also manufactures, upon customer request, quartz wafers. The diameter ranges between 2'' and 300 mm with low thickness tolerances, high surface quality and low ttv values.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, Plan Optik employs quality management systems such as ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.