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Plan Optik AG among the top five in the glass wafer sector worldwide

In the glass wafer sector for micro-mechanical applications, Plan Optik AG is in fourth place of the world wide total market for glass wafers. This was the conclusion reached by the research institute Yole Developpement (Lyon), one of the leading analysts in the field of semiconductors and micro mechanics, in a wide-ranging study.

In the field of high grade processed wafers, Plan Optik goes head to head in the top position with just one competitor. The relating analysis from Yole therefor divides the glass wafer market in two segments: "Simple Glass" and "Finished / Structured Wafers".

Yole also stated that in the glass carrier wafers segment Plan Optik AG demonstrates "strong leadership".

In the current sector report, which covers more than 300 pages, the analysts come to the conclusion that the glass wafer market is currently at the beginning of a period of rapid development. While in 2012 the estimated revenues in the glass wafer sector are thought to have totaled approx. USD 158 million worldwide, it is expected that by 2018 the market will have grown at an annual rate of approximately 41% to reach a total of € 1.26 billion. The current growth factors lie mainly in wafer-level packaging, which permits the miniaturization of components in numerous applications, as well as in carrier wafers in the semiconductor industry. Both wafer-level-packaging and carrier wafers are focus areas of Plan Optik AG.

In the report Yole lists the end applications which are currently based in part on manufacturing processes involving glass wafers: MEMS, C-MOS sensors, LED modules, storage media, micro-batteries/fuel cells, micro fluidics, radio-frequency switching circuits, optical components and energy supply components for appliances. In the vast majority of applications Plan Optik is already either represented on the market with existing customers (e.g. MEMS, C-MOS, LED, micro fluidics, optical elements), involved in the production process via carrier wafers or in the project phase.

Particularly positive for Plan Optik is the fact that growth is also predicted in the next few years in the field of micro fluidics, in which the two subsidiary companies Little Things Factory and MMT GmbH occupy leading positions. This growth, moreover, is expected in the field of silicon glass wafers, in which Plan Optik also has a wide range of products on offer.