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3-D wafer-level packaging enables the miniaturization of rotary rate sensors

In the design and manufacture of pressure, acceleration and gyro sensors a paradigm shift is currently taking place. In future, 3-D wafer-level packaging will represent the definitive technology. As a producer of so-called Through-Glass-Via (TGV) wafers, Plan Optik AG is one of the driving forces behind this development.

Plan Optik manufactures TGV wafers by means of a patented process, with which it is possible to combine glass and silicon within a wafer. Through the use of borosilicate glass with a thermal expansion coefficient which is adapted to silicon, these wafers by Plan Optik are ideally suited for use in 3D wafer-level packaging of MEMS. "The high reliability of encapsulated components, their robustness and their considerably smaller size will soon lead to 3-D wafer-level packaging becoming the leading technology in the production of acceleration sensors. With its TGV wafers Plan Optik already has at its disposal the technological basis for this development," emphasizes Michael Schilling, sole Managing Director of Plan Optik AG.