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Plan Optik AG: Now certified to TS 16949

Plan Optik AG is now certified according to the Technical Specification TS 16949. This is an internationally recognised quality standard established within the automotive industry and is of special importance to all suppliers in this industry segment.

This quality standard aims to optimise the management system and supply chain. This is detailed in steps for the prevention or early discovery of faults and risks in the production processes and supply system. To establish the reasons for these problems and to design and implement remedies. TS 16949 emphasises the prevention of failures against the correction of problems evolving from poor design or management systems. In this respect the TS 16949 exceeds the quality standards like VDA 6.1 or QS-9000.

Plan Optik AG is now highly certified and is a recognised OEM supplier. As part of this standard the audit proofed the purchasing of the correct raw materials to the approved specifications and delivery within the specified delivery schedules.