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Plan Optik AG launches 300 mm glass wafer production

The top position in the glass wafer market is nothing new for Plan Optik, a MEMS substrate maker from Germany. Because of that it is quite consequent that Plan Optik also sets the standard of the new glass wafer size generation by launching the world's first 300 mm diameter glass wafer production line. 300 mm - the standard for Si wafers in semiconductor applications since years now also starts in MEMS industry. The move to 300 mm will be a big challenge for MEMS because of the complexity of MEMS systems, which combine mechanical, electrical, and sometimes optical functions in one device. Many MEMS systems are using glass cap wafers - mostly including holes, cavities or trenches. Because of that the success of MEMS will not least also depend on the quality of the cap wafer which is bonded to the device wafers. Plan Optik is already capable to produce low ttv (5 microns or less) glass wafers from various materials such as borosilicate glass for anodic bonding and alkali free glass.

The brilliant invention of MDF (Micro Damaging Free) polished wafers a few years ago which have been developed especially for wet etch applications and which do not show the well known sub surface damaging when structuring them by HF respectively TMAH has been a great success in the MEMS market - MDF for 300 mm wafers is coming soon!

The new 300 mm wafers complete the product portfolio of Plan Optik - the market leader in glass wafer production.

PLAN OPTIK additionally offers features such as holes, cavities, optical cavities, feedthrough's and micro lenses. All specifications are according to SEMI, MIL or ISO standards.

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