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Innovative Substrates for MEMS

Plan Optik AG, the world market leader in glass wafer production for MEMS applications, offers the following wafer level packaging substrates:

  • blank glass wafers
  • drilled glass wafers for Si microphones, pressure sensors and similar applications
  • glass-Si compound wafers (glass-on-silicon and silicon-on-glass)
  • glass wafers with cavities (e.g. for WLP of optical MEMS)
  • glass wafers with conductive vias for vertical WLP
  • microlens wafers for optical MEMS

All wafers produced by Plan Optik are characterized by low ttv, thickness tolerance, low roughness and high surface quality. Plan Optik set the benchmark regarding perfect glass wafer surfaces by introducing it's proprietary development MDF polishing to the market. MDF (Micro Damaging Free) polished wafers are suitable for wet etching processes and avoid the well known issue sub surface damaging which can lead to defects. Sub surface damaging leads to small cavities and interconnections between the etched structures, weakens the bonding interface and results in a low yield. The use of MDF polished wafers leads to reliable wet etching results and provides a high wafer processing yield. MDF polished wafers are available as blank wafers as well as including holes and cavities produced by USHD (ultra sonic high speed drilling) - another invention of Plan Optik. MDF polished wafers complete the wide spectrum of glass and fused silica wafer options produced by Plan Optik AG - a well-established German company that has gone public with great success in the end of 2005.