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Glass wafers for TPMS

Plan Optik AG, the world market leader in glass and fused silica wafer production for MEMS applications, offers borosilicate glass wafers for anodic bonding which meet the special requirements of safety related automotive applications. These wafers are MDF (micro damaging free) polished - a polishing method developed by Plan Optik and introduced in 2004. Wafers with this special surface treatment do not show a so called sub surface damaging which comes to light by wet etching or common semiconductor cleaning or surface activation processes. Sub surface damaging leads to small cavities and interconnections between the etched structures, weakens the bonding interface and results in a low yield. Especially in safety related products like tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) the reliability of the MEMS pressure sensor ranks in the first place and requires perfect wafer surfaces. MDF polished wafers are available a blank wafers as well as including holes and cavities produced by USHD (ultra sonic high speed drilling) - another invention of Plan Optik. MDF polished wafers complete the wide spectrum of glass and fused silica wafer options produced by Plan Optik AG - a well-established German company that has gone public with great success in the end of 2005.