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New Glass wafer production line for large glass wafers

Plan Optik AG, world market leader in glass and fused silica wafer production for MEMS applications announces the completion of a new production line for large glass and fused silica wafers. Mainly driven by optical MEMS and wafer level packaging (WLP) applications more and more device manufacturers are switching from 6" to 8" due to cost reduction reasons. The new production line at Plan Optik is designed for a capacity of up to 10,000 wafers per month and will be solely used for 8" and 12" wafers. The successful surface treatment called "MDF polishing" (micro damaging free polishing - a polishing method developed by Plan Optik and introduced in 2004) has also been implemented in this line. The implementation of a line solely developed for 8" and 12" wafers is the logical consequence of the successful expansion of Plan Optik AG in Germany which has gone public in the end of 2005 and completes the already existing, wide spectrum of glass and fused silica wafers.