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Quality management

Certified quality

Plan Optik AG is certified in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the technical specification IATF 16949. As the global quality standard in the automotive industry IATF 16949 is of outstanding importance.

The aim of the specification, which all automobile manufacturers have adopted as their standard, is to optimize the system quality in the supply chain over and above the process quality: to recognize errors and risks in the production process and the supply chain; to remove their causes; and to examine the corrective and preventive measures undertaken with regard to their effectiveness. The main focus is not on discovering errors, but rather on avoiding them. In this respect IATF 16949 goes much further than the standards that were previously in operation, such as VDA 6.1 or QS-9000.

Plan Optik AG is thus fully certified in all relevant areas and a recognized supplier of so-called OEMs. In the auditor's concrete assessment in particular the sourcing of the special glass qualities to a sufficiently high standard and with guaranteed delivery was one of the main focuses of the investigation.

By virtue of its continuous improvement process, which is institutionalized and fully integrated into the operations flow, Plan Optik is working towards its goal of achieving a production process which is entirely free of errors.