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Wafers for MEMS

Plan Optik AG is the leading manufacturer of structured wafers when it comes to technology. In sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, chemistry and pharmaceuticals these wafers are essential components used as active elements for numerous applications in MEMS technology. The wafers of glass, glass-silicon compounds or quartz are available in sizes up to 300 mm diameter. Wafers by Plan Optik provide high-precision surfaces in the ångström range (= ten millionths of a millimetre), which are achieved through the use of the MDF polishing process developed by the company. Plan Optik wafers are available to minimum tolerances with application-specific structuring and complex material combinations.

Microfluidics systems

With its subsidiary companies Little Things Factory and MMT, Plan Optik also covers the microfluidics sector, where it is one of the few companies offering complete systems. This is a field in which increasing application possibilities are being developed, for example in medicine and chemistry. It thus offers a growth potential which is approximately as high as the previous core business, wafer technology.

Partner of international large-scale manufacturers

Plan Optik AG's extensive experience in the integration of optical, electronic or chemical functions within a wafer as the basis of MEMS applications has made the company the preferred partner of large international manufacturers. Based on Plan Optik's expert knowledge the wafers are developed in collaboration with customers such as OSRAM, Infineon, Motorola, Samsung, Honeywell and Bosch.

Plan Optik develops and manufactures customer-specific wafers by integrating the necessary functions into the structure and material combination within the wafers. These wafers are subsequently separated into their individual elements, which in turn serve their purpose as an active element within the application. Plan Optik supplies international customers directly for mass production.

Broad range of applications

Plan Optik wafers are used, for example, in the mass production of LED lighting technology for high power head lamps of cars. To this end Plan Optik supplies structured wafers made of a complex material combination together with the elements for the proper encapsulation of the light diode as well as the elements for the design of the light geometry and the color temperature of the head lamp. Apart from the protective function Plan Optik components fulfill here a formative as well as an optical function.

In the field of consumer electronics Plan Optik wafers find application in the manufacture of cell phone cameras. Using the wafers as a basis, glass elements are produced for the photo sensors, the so-called CMOS imaging sensors. In this case Plan Optik wafers therefore fulfill the function as carrier as well as providing an optical element.

Apart from further applications in the automotive sector (sensors for driving assistance systems, engine controls) and consumer electronics (LED beamers), innovative solutions based on micro structured components by Plan Optik AG are used for example in the fields of health care (micro dosage systems, lab on chip) and aerospace (positioning and actuating sensors).

Advanced production

Plan Optik produces high-quality wafers in certified processes on an area of 5,000 square meters by a staff of some 70 employees. Quality control is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 certification system and the international automotive standard TS 16949. Plan Optik AG's environmental management is carried out in accordance with ISO 14001. The company has at its disposal a clean room for the production and packaging of the wafers. Additional land is available for future expansion.

Plan Optik has been listed in the Basic Board (former Entry Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2005 with the WKN (ISIN) A0HGQS.