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Glass wafers for pressure sensor applications
Sensors and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) have changed the way how we interact with technology and how it interacts with itself and our environment.

Plan Optik launches brand for stock products
In order to serve the high demand of wafers with fixed specifications more quickly, Plan Optik AG has founded a new brand called Wafer Universe, to provide off the shelf products.

Plan Optik joins C2MI Network
Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of wafers from glass and quartz for Semiconductor and MEMS applications, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Centre de Collaboration MiQro Innovation (C2MI) in Bromont, Canada.

Carrier Wafer - a useful and necessary tool for MEMS and Sensor Packaging
There is ongoing wafer thickness reduction in the MEMS and semiconductor industry. This is because of market demand for smaller devices that afford an increased number of functionalities at reduced cost; and for this, smaller package sizes need to be realised.

Plan Optik expands its range of stock wafers
Plan Optik AG expands its range of products which are available off the shelf to feature new materials! Additionally Plan Optik releases a product catalogue including all stock products with detailed information and specification!

Carriers for mechanical release - Thin Wafer Handling
Plan Optik AG offers re-usable carriers for thin wafer handling which can be used for mechanical release of the device wafers.

Adapter Carriers - Maximum Flexibility
Plan Optik AG offers Carrier Wafers which enable handling of smaller diameter wafers and a variety of substrates with different dimensions.
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