Glass on silicon / silicon on glass wafers

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Plan Optik manufactures GOS and SOG wafers using borosilicate glass and silicon which have been bonded to each other.*

Borosilicate glass

Type Borofloat 33 ®
Thickness range 100 - 3000 µm
Expansion coefficient (CTE) 3.25 x 10 -6 K-1 (adjusted to Si)
Refraction index (nD) 1.4713
Electrical properties Dielectric constant (25°C; 1 MHz): 4.6
Loss factor (25°C; 1 MHz): 37x10-4
Main characteristics Expansion coefficient adjusted to Si,
anodically bondable


For the manufacture of GOS and SOG wafers Plan Optik uses all monocrystalline standard silicon wafers available on the market. Their specifications are chosen to match the customer's requirements.

Typically, p-Bor doped <100> wafers are used for the manufacture of GOS and SOG wafers.

* All technical data in accordance with the details supplied by the manufacturers of the raw materials - without liability - subject to modification.