Micro lenses

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Plan Optik currently manufactures micro lenses using borosilicate glass. The use of glass types with a higher refraction index is currently under development.*

Borosilicate glass

Type Borofloat 33 ®
Expansion coefficient (CTE) 3.25 x 10-6 K-1 (adjusted to Si)
Refraction index (nD) 1.4713
Redemption 65.4
Transmission uncoated ca. 91%
coated up to 99%
Electrical properties Dielectric constant (25°C; 1 MHz): 4.6
Loss factor (25°C; 1 MHz): 37x10-4
Main characteristics Low auto fluorescence
High thermal and chemical resistance
Expansion coefficient adjusted to Si,
anodically bondable

Additional materials

Micro lenses of additional materials with a higher refraction index are currently under development.

* All technical data in accordance with the details supplied by the manufacturers of the raw materials - without liability - subject to modification.