Through Glass Vias (TGV)

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Plan Optik produces TGV in wafer diameters from 100 - 200 mm and in thicknesses of 200 - 600 µm. The basic rule is: the thinner the wafer, the more inexpensive the process will be. Flat(s), notches and diameters can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

Diameter 100 - 200 mm
Thickness range 200 µm - 600 µm
Structure size (glass or Si) from 50 µm
Thickness tolerance from +/- 5 µm
Total thickness variation (ttv) from 2 µm
Edge geometry incl. flat(s) + notch In accordance with SEMI for monocrystalline Si wafers
or in accordance with customer requirements (e.g. without flat / notch)

The use of the latest production technology at Plan Optik guarantees the maintenance of minimal thickness tolerance and total thickness variation (ttv).

The use of contact-free optical surface measurement techniques ensures the reliable adherence to the predetermined narrow tolerances.