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Ultra high purity fused silica (UV grade fused silica)
Plan Optik AG the leading manufacturer of glass and quartz wafers now offers fused silica wafers from one of the purest materials: ULTRA HIGH PURITY FUSED SILICA.

Quartz Wafers with extremely low roughness
From now on Plan Optik offers sub nanometer roughness on polished Quartz wafers. These Wafers do have a guaranteed average roughness of less than 0.5 nm whilst in practice the average roughness is well below this value (at about 0.25 nm).

Plan Optik AG implements high accuracy laser patterning technology
Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass, quartz and glass-Si compound wafers has added laser patterning to its structuring techniques recently. Glass, quartz (eg fused silica) and silicon can be patterned generating an extremely high accuracy.

Process Carriers for Wafer and Substrate Handling
Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass, quartz and glass-Si compound wafers has expanded its production range on carriers for the handling of small semiconductor wafers as well as small substrates for various applications.

Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass wafers, has expanded its production on glass and silicon carriers for Thin Wafer Handling of semiconductor wafers.

Borofloat® 33 Wafers now available from stock
Plan Optik AG, the leading manufacturer of glass wafers, expands its production of blank Borofloat® 33 substrate wafers immensely. In response to the high demand of stock wafers, Plan Optik has enlarged its capacity...

Plan Optik AG expands its production of QUARTZ WAFERS significantly
Plan Optik AG is expanding its product range in the rapidly growing segment of quartz wafers significantly. In addition to a comprehensive range of standardized processes for wafers in sizes up to 300 mm diameter, ...

Plan Optik AG among the top five in the glass wafer sector worldwide
In the glass wafer sector for micro-mechanical applications, Plan Optik AG is in fourth place of the world wide total market for glass wafers. This was the conclusion reached by the research institute Yole Developpement (Lyon) in a wide-ranging study.

3-D wafer-level packaging enables the miniaturization of rotary rate sensors
In the design and manufacture of pressure, acceleration and gyro sensors a paradigm shift is currently taking place. In future, 3-D wafer-level packaging will represent the definitive technology.

Carrier wafers for TSV
Plan Optik AG extends it's activities in respect to glass carrier wafers for semiconductor processes such as TSV thinning. For the processing of thin Si or GaAs wafers rigid carriers are needed - for example in TSV processes on thin Si wafers.
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